J Collins

J Side shot grey shirt

J Collins is a fan based, national country rock artist whose lyrics pay homage to the working class hero. He is a rising star who possesses an inherent ability to capture an audience through his powerful stage presence. Jay’s lively and engaging performances keep the crowds longing for more. The Collins’ “showmanship” has been compared to a range of legendary stars from “The Rolling Stones, to Elvis Presley.”
Jay is an accomplished writer, producer, publisher and singer whose heart and soul convey the passionate entertainer that burns within him. With Collins’ self-penned début, EP behind him and his new CD “Come Get Some” available, Collins demonstrates an authentic musician that puts his spirit to rhythm, his heart to words, and his humanity to harmony. With one hand in the past and the other reaching towards the future, Collins is quickly making his mark as an artist who reaches into the heart of the world.